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State Compliance & Validation

Compliance Translator

KlickTrack shop owners can manage multiple stores’ locations across varying compliance jurisdictions with minimal impact to their workflow, allowing them to give their customers a consistent experience every time. Not to mention the time saved simplifying employee training.

Medical Validation

Keep track of expiration dates, patient status updates & special notes (allergies, preferences, etc) to ensure your most vulnerable customers always receive top-notch service from your cannabis store.

Limit Alerts

Never accidentally over-sell to a customer. With limit alerts budtenders always know when their customer has reached the maximum amount of product allowed in any jurisdiction.


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REgister & Scanner App

Point of Sale

Let’s be honest, a point of sale is a point of sale. What separates the good from the great simply comes down to speed & reliability, two things that the KlickTrack POS has in spades. Optimized to keep things moving, even when state traceability systems slow-down & intelligent enough to increase power on high volume days like 4/20.

KlickTrack Scanner App

Say goodbye to easily breakable scanners that frequently disconnect. With the KlickTrack Scanner App powered by Scandit cannabis shops can now utilize the same technology used by major shipping & retail companies like Amazon & FedEx. Simply download our scanner to an iPod, iPhone or device of your choosing & start scanning.

Customer Queue

Easily place a sale on hold while your customer hits the ATM or get creative & start taking orders on the floor as customers browse. With the KlickTrack Customer Queue & Scanner App budtenders no longer need to be chained to a register, opening up a world of possibilities to optimize & streamline your shop.

Options on top of Options

Built to fit any workflow, KlickTrack offers a plethora of settings that make customizing it effortless & straight forward. From fulfillment mode for vertically integrated shops to PIN in/out to track budtenders who share a register to rounding and tax customizations.


Back Office

Reports & Metrics

Monthly tax reports, inventory level reports, sales reports & more. If there’s a metric you need KlickTrack has it & we’re just getting started. KlickTrack is your one stop shop for retail reports & metrics.

Lightning Fast Inbounds

Tired of spending all your time entering missing data for inbounded manifests? Inventory managers rejoice, KlickTrack’s revolutionary product registry allows you to cut through busy work and focus on what matters.

Manager Tools

Let’s face it, you can’t always be at the register or in the shop. With KlickTrack management tools owners & managers can comfortably manage their stores from anywhere, saving time & one-off trips.

Product Registry

Products stay the same, it’s only the lot that changes. As the cannabis industry matures so will our retail practices & with KlickTrack’s powerful Product Registry your shop will be ahead of the curve saving time on inbounds, maintaining richer product metrics & creating useful consumer menus.


Customer Experience & Outreach

Text Messaging

Create your own marketing lane with KlickTrack SMS. Send sale alerts to targeted customers based on purchase history or gift your most loyal consumers double points. With an AVG read rate of over 90% & an AVG open rate of over 95%, combining SMS messages with loyalty data becomes one of, if not THE, most effective tool in any retailers bag of tricks.

Consumer Menu

Keeping 3rd party menus up-to-date can at times be a time suck, but with KlickTrack’s built-in consumer menu shops can rest easy knowing their inventory is always being accurately conveyed to their customer base. Accessible via iPad/tablet, TV screen or printable menu, the KlickTrack menu will save you time & money.

Discounts & Sales

Whether you’re taking advantage of a high volume day or trying to burn through the last of that pesky stock that you just can’t quite sell out of, our discount rules will make marking items down easy. By setting sales to a pre-set schedule you remove the potential of human error & the possibility of accidentally letting your Friday happy hour run into next week.


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