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How to process a return

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How to process a return.

  1. Open the control panel by Tapping the 3 vertically stacked dots at the top left of the screen

  2. Tap ‘Sales + Returns’ from the blue grey menu on the left side of the screen

  3. Using the transaction number on the receipt, either search using the search bar or scroll to find the corresponding transaction

  4. Tap the corresponding transaction number

  5. Verify the cart by checking the barcode #s on both the receipt and the entry

  6. Tap the red ‘enter’ arrow in the bottom right of the main white screen

  7. Confirm the return on the pop up screen and tap 'return all'

  8. Navigate back to the register and update the inventory by pulling down under the search bar and refreshing

  9. Scan the product to confirm re-entry into the system