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Intake Product manifests

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How to intake manifests into your inventory and make them active to sell.

  1. Navigate to the control panel

  2. Tap 'dashboard' from the blue/grey menu

  3. On the right hand side, tap 'manifests inbound' to open currently inbounding manifests

  4. Tap the upside down triangle button to filter through the order statuses depending order status

  5. Identify the manifest from the list or search for a specific one using the search bar and tap on the entry to open it

  6. Tap 'no product' to associate the local registry product

  7. Select all relevant package weights from the drop down menu

  8. Associate the strain from the drop down menu

  9. If needed, create product/strain/brand in the products section of the local registry

  10. After counting physical intake, press the blue thumbs up button to confirm the manifest and accept it into the Klicktrack inventory