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Using the Fulfillment Feature

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How to move an order through fulfillment process.

  1. Make a queue cart through the normal sales queue

  2. Scan or select items into the cart as usual

  3. Tap submit to update the status of the cart to 'pending'. The dot next to the queue entry will turn red

  4. After pending, tap the green total button in the cart and select 'processing'. The dot next to the entry will update to light green

  5. After processing, tap the red outlined 'verify' button next to the entry.

  6. Select the correct barcode from the pop up menu to verify the entry.

  7. Once verified, tap the green total bar and select 'ready'. The button next to the entry should update to a darker green.

  8. At any transaction point you can update customer loyalty info and any necessary discounts.

  9. Tap the green total bar at the bottom of the cart, enter the birthday and process the transaction